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We serve men who teach other what was not taught.

In a group a man gets to be himself.

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Being a Man

As men we are often alone in a world full of people.

  • What I have found is through the process of working with my micro-community, I have found a deeper calling inside myself.
    Chris Blair
  • My place in the Men's group has offered me support through all I have faced over the past 7 months - I can see the blessings that have resulted in my marriage -directly related to the work I have done in this group!
    Curtis Foster
  • My family benefits from this, as I am a better husband and father.  My organization benefits from this, as I am a better mentor and director.  My community and the Earth benefit from this, as I am better steward.
    Tim Corcoran
  • In the group, you will focus on whatever you want to work on: attaining goals, getting unstuck, growing in ways you have not yet had the courage.
    Ben Redmond, MA